New!! Dermalogica® Myanmar Reward Programs

For loyal customers of this Professional-Grade Skin Care brand, with licensed Skin Expert, Dermalogica® Myanmar is introducing new Rewards programs. So both our NEW & LOYAL customers, that we value & appreciate so very much… now we have a reward program for all dermalogica skincare brand lovers, regardless of where you’re at on your skin health journey.   We do believe that with every purchase from our official locations in Myanmar* should get you closer to achieving your SkinGoals, while you get to earn points throughout your journey towards your healthiest skin, that lets you claim exclusive gifts, new product samples, branded merchandise gifts and, one time use discount vouchers!



If you have purchased either online or offline from us before at our official flagship store Dermalogica Myanmar or have received treatments from our official service center "California Skin Spa" then you maybe eligible to receive points at for your previous purchases!

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